Student Conference Award

The AGCTS has awarded student prizes at each biennial conference since the inaugural meeting. At the closing session prizes are awarded to student members in recognition of their excellence in research and communication. Winners will be featured on this page. Congratulations to all!

Student prizes: Timothy Colgin (Baker IDI), Astrid Glaser (MCRI), Lauriel Earley (Oregon Health & Science University), Rosaline Habib (UTS)

Student prizes: Timothy Colgin (Baker IDI), Julia Suubach (UTS), Lucy Barrett (University of Western Australia), Dr Virginia Wootton (CMRI)

Student prizes: Henna Kuusisto (Monash University), Cindy Kok (CMRI), Michael Nastasie (Monash University), Prue Plumber (Griffith University), Claire Deakin (CMRI)

Student prizes: Thomas Herringson (The Australian National University), Claire Deakin (CMRI), Lucy Barrett (University of Western Australia), Jennifer Randall (RPAH), Sarah Brice (Flinders University)

Student prizes: TBA

Student prizes: Sara Howden (MCRI), Rachel Koldej (University of Adelaide), Daniela Martino Roth (Monash University), Graham McClorey (University of WA), Jalal Tarwadi (Monash University), Kylie Wagstaff (Monash University), Belinda Wigg (La Trobe University), Faten Zaibak (MCRI)

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